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Taste the Origin

Taste the Origin, a farm-to-table movement organization

Photography: From Unsplash.com, and Behance.net

“Taste the Origin” was a branding project I did while in school. The purpose of this project was to establish a branding system (logo, typeset, brochure, etc) for the contemporary culinary trend known as the “Farm to Table” movement. My research traced the movement back to the early 1970’s, when the California based restaurant owner, Alice Waters, decided to push the locally and organically produced ingredients into everyday cuisines. Most of the prints and flyers for her well-established restaurant “Chez Panisse” was designed by David Lance Goines.
Inspired by his collection of work for “Chez Panisse”, I took elements from their old-time “branding” and turned them into the “Taste the Origin” square logo. That, along with the modern twist on their classic aesthetics, a consistent branding system was created to fit the contemporary movement.

Logo Development, Illustration, Branding, Website Concepts

Branding - Research

The original set of poster work done by David Lance Goines back in the 1970s. Artworks are a part of the local-food-source driven, French movie inspired restaurant Chez Panisse's branding. Its owner Alice Waters, based in San Francisco, California, was the very person that started the whole Farm to Table movement.

Branding - Elements + Stationery

Website - UI Design